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Now, that's fast.

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Also called Fast Ethernet, 100BaseT burns rubber compared to its younger, venerable 10BaseT sibling.

The basic data transfer speed for the Ethernet networking standard is 10 megabits per second, or 10 Mb/s. 100BaseT is capable of transmitting data between machines on a network at 100 Mb/s. That's 4 albums' worth of MP3 files per second. Whenever you see "10/100" on a router, switch or hub package, it means it's capable of doing either speed: make sure to get one that can handle 100BaseT.

Bear in mind that although you can send data between machines that fast, your Internet connection is usually a lot slower, especially if you're on a cable, DSL or satellite connection, and absolutely if you are on a dial up modem. So, although you can drop a file across your local area network in a blink, you'll be waiting and waiting for that same file to come across a much slower net connection.

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