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Advertise with us...or carry us on your radio station

You can advertise with us on the air, or via our podcasts. It's actually easy to do. Here's the skinny on the shows we produce, where we're heard on the air and how much our ads cost. If you're ready to buy and don't need the 411 below, call us at 818-563-3123, or drop us a line at david@onlinetonight.com.

And if you program an AM or FM radio station and you'd like to become and affiliate, we air nightly, live, from 7 to 10p Pacific, Monday through Saturday. If you have an ABC Starguide receiver, you have all you need. We're on ABC's AMC-8 satellite, transponder 23, SAT SRVS 04 Left in mono. For specifics and Starguideauthorization, call David in Los Angeles at the studios at 818 563 3123.

Our shows

The David Lawrence Show, a daily on-air 3-hour call-in/interview talk show, deals with pop culture, entertainment and technology, and airs Monday through Friday live from Los Angeles.

Online Tonight with David Lawrence, a weekly on-air 3-hour call-in/interview talk show, deals with technology, pop culture and entertainment, and airs live from Los Angeles on Saturday, and is repeated on Sunday.

David Lawrence's Personal Netcast Podcast, a free daily 10-minute podcast, deals with news, technology, pop culture and entertainment, and is delivered via RSS from Los Angeles after every live show.

We also produce The Net Music Countdown, a weekly on-air 2-hour music countdown show, surveys and plays music from the top 20 artists downloaded, streamed and sold on the Internet, and is delivered via CD or FTP from Los Angeles weekly, for airing at the affiliate's leisure. We do not sell advertising directly for that show; if you have inquiries, please call our New York representative, United Stations Radio Networks, at 212-869-1111.

Our talent and audience

All of our shows are anchored by David Lawrence, and none of our radio shows are Internet-radio only. You can read about David by clicking on his tab in the column on the right. We do talk about the Internet, but we are heard on AM, FM and both satellite services' radio stations. If we're heard on the Internet, it's because one of our affiliates has an Internet stream. (We are also heard on iPods all over the world, because we offer our shows, with all advertising intact, via our David Lawrence Unplugged premium RSS feed.)

We are heard live on XM 171 every night of the week (yes, including Sundays) from 7p - 10p PT, and our lead terrestrial affiliate is KFBK in Sacramento.. We do not release our affiliate lists to anyone, including advertisers and agencies. We have approximately 4.1 million listeners cume weekly, an estimated AQH of just shy of one million listeners every 15 minutes, which gives you a cost per thousand (CPM) of a bit less than a dollar.

Lots of advertising options

We offer four types of advertising: commercials (spots), live promos voiced by David during the show, sponsorships and website ads.

red arrow Our spot prices are $650 per 30 second spot, $850 per 60 second spot, commissionable at 15% by accredited agencies, firm.

red arrow On-air promos are $225 each and are sold in 6 per week or 18 per week (one per night or one per hour) blocks with a minimum of 13 weeks on all buys. We offer 5% discounts on buys longer than 13 weeks. We are open to sponsorship and contesting suggestions only if they are supported by an advertising flight.

red arrow The Personal Netcast podcasts are sponsorable at $100 each episode, with a 30 episode minimum. We have approximately 40,000 subscribers.

red arrow Finally, our website ads are handled exclusively by Google, on an automatic auction basis - you pay the variable rate that the market demands for text links on our websites. Click on the "Advertise on this site" link below the following ad for instant assistance:

Get in touch

Now that the hard core information on this page is out of the way, we'd love to welcome you to our little family. If you'd like to take advantage of the radio show that is home to, and has been instrumental in building the brands of GoDaddy, Rackspace, Gateway, Mailblocks, Dell, Radio Shack, Microsoft, Sony, Papa Johns, Apple, and hundreds of others, call us at 818-563-3123, or drop us a line at david@onlinetonight.com.

Up To The Minute Bargains

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If you need help

You can always call in to the show at the number listed above, or send David an email using the link above.

To repeat: You can always call in to the show at the number listed above, or send David email using the link above.