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Amelia Earhart

Back in the days when flying a plane was far more specialized a vocation, when pilots were called aviators instead of pilots, almost all of them were men.

One early exception was Amelia Earhart. Her story of personal challenge of a male dominated space, her excellence in both the skill of flying and public relations, and a tortured final flight that left her lost, her plane ditched and her whereabouts forever unknown, is a fascinating one. Books, films, investigative reports and documentaries have fanned the flames of conspiracy theories and supposed sure-fire explanations as to what happened to Amelia Earhart on her final, deadly round the world flight.

We will probably never know, no matter how many new clues and red herrings and theories come to light, what happened to this pioneering female aviator.

Amelia Earhart continues to fascinate journalists and bloggers alike. Read what some others have to say:

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