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Angel of Angel v. Ashcroft, newz and housingmaps.com

Medical marijuana activists Angel Raich and Francis DellaVecchia, the news and developer Paul Rademacher, plus calls, instant messages and emails about pop culture, the day's news and a smattering of technology...it's The David Lawrence Show for a Monday. Random moment: (how we do that)

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Angel Raich, activist and subject of AngelJustice.org, joins us from Washington DC where she is continuing her fight to get the federal government to recognize the medicinal benefits of marijuana and to remove the federal criminal penalties for its possession and use for medical purposes, as the Supreme Court considers her case. Joining her is Francis DellaVecchia, Director of VIP Relations for the Marijuana Policy Project, who gives us details on their upcoming galas.

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Continuing the medical marijuana dilemma, plus the government using Acrobat for redaction of documents (oops), and the poor sap in Florida who still wants to marry the runaway bride.
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Paul Rademacher, creator of paulrademacher.com/housing, joins us live from San Francisco to marvel at the site he's created, combining the real estate and rental listing features of Craigslist and its city listings with the mapping features of Google Maps. It works best on Firefox.

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