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AskDavidLawrence.com - when you really need David now

David answers all questions, including those on acting, advertising, Internet scams, music, podcasting, radio, sound, television, voiceovers, the Web, and on Macintosh, UNIX and Windows computers.

People are asking these podcasting questions of David Lawrence:

Raves and Kudos about AskDavidLawrence.com

Thank you so much for such a great, complete, detailed and totally helpful reply! It's this kind of information from email and your shows that makes me look forward to hearing all of your shows. I never stop learning when I hear your shows, they're great.

Sincerely Lyle Griffith


I really appreciate you responding to me...your answer was dead on. I had talked to tech support at [company name deleted] three times, two of them for twice as much as your fee, and at no time did they suggest the possibility you came up with in the first sentence.

Your fan, Johnathan


Your response left me scratching my head, and asking myself "Why didn't I think of that???" And you don't charge enough - you saved me hours of downtime, and that's worth 5 times your fee. Thank you thank you thank you.

Maggie Dugan


I tried all the things you suggested, and none of them worked, until the last one. Trashing my preference file did the trick. I think that anyone that is stuck, or busy, or is frantic, or just wants a different perspective on how things might work ought to tap you out a quick question. Thanks again!

Rock on.

Roger in Pawtucket


Do you sell 5 packs of your AskDavidLawrence service? I'd hand them to my IT department in case they get mesmerized by their own intelligence, at the expense of our productivity.

Giselle Graciela


I doubt most people ask you the type of question I asked you, but your words of inspiration were really important to me, and were absolutely correct - I *did* need to stop worrying about things that haven't happened yet, and just relax and do the best I could. And guess what? I did just great. Thanks soooo much.

Jean (just Jean)

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You can always call in to the show at the number listed above, or send David an email using the link above.

To repeat: You can always call in to the show at the number listed above, or send David email using the link above.