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AskDavidLawrence.com - when you really need David now

If you have something that is really pressing, I've decided to offer my services to listeners and website visitors in a similar fashion to my corporate clients, one question at a time. If your need is urgent, review the information below the Ask A Question now link.

David answers all questions, including those on acting, advertising, Internet scams, music, podcasting, radio, sound, television, voiceovers, the Web, and on Macintosh, UNIX and Windows computers.

Want to ask David Lawrence a question?

Although I may not be able to respond due to the volume of email I get, feel free to click on this link to ask me a question. Don't change the subject link in the email, or I won't even get notified of your question. If you absolutely have to have an answer, use the form below.

Need an answer from David Lawrence fast and guaranteed?

Companies hire me all the time for my knowledge and skills. And they're willing to pay thousands of dollars a day for my expertise. Tech support, buying advice, understanding MP3s, podcasting or online banking or even questions of ethics...whatever it is, I'm here for you, but, remember, if you want to ask me questions absolutely free, call me on the air at the times listed above.

But if it's really, really important to you, you can ask me a question right now via the form below outside broadcast hours for a non-refundable PayPal fee of $97.

Type your question below, and be as complete as possible. DON'T press the payment button until you type your question in this box:

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Sample Questions/Answers


I've taken the big plunge, and have switched to Macintosh. I've been a PC user for years, but I've been swayed by the Apple commercials and your narrative on your show.

OK...now my question.

On my old PC, I can easily right click on files and get a submenu that lets me do all kinds of stuff to my files and folders. I started using my Macintosh, and then (I know, duh) I noticed there's no second button!!!!!

Is there even such a thing as "right clicking" on a Mac? Or am I able to do something else to quickly deal with the same stuff I used to deal with on my PC (send to, properties, renaming and the like)?



Thanks for asking me. You're golden - on the Macintosh, you have the same functionality; it's just in a different place.

On a Mac, there actually are submenus (they're called contextual menus on Macintosh), and they are modeled directly after the right-click menus in Windows. But without a two-button mouse, how do you get to them? It's easy:

Just hold down the control key when clicking on your target, and the contextual menu will pop up.

Many of the same options that you had on your Windows machine are there waiting for you on that menu. Making an alias, getting info, deleting, and more are there. And you can install new functionality in that menu when you install new software. Control click on an MP3 file, and you can get the IDv3 information about title, artist and album. Control click on a folder to access its security settings. Sound familiar?

There's actually an easier option: get a two button (or more) mouse or trackball for your Mac. Yes! They do exist! My favorite, and the one I carry with me wherever I go, is the Kensington Orbit trackball:

[click for details]

It's got software that comes with it that lets you assign functions to the buttons, and it lets you actuall right-click, just like you're used to, without holding down the Control key. There are actually lots of manufacturers who make two-button mice, and they usually work on either Windows or Macintosh - and they usually plug into the USB port on your machine.

Thanks for asking.



I'm completely baffled at what's happened to my computer.

Recently I upgraded my PC to Internet Explorer 6.0, and I've added Microsoft's updates diligently. And something's now screwed up with my e-mail....I can't find any attachments to open, and I know they are there.

What gives?



Thanks for asking me. And I think I have your answer.

Your problem is that the upgrade to IE 6.0 also reset your security level to High. It's an annoying feature of their upgrade process, and it affects Outlook Express as well as Internet Explorer, preventing you from being able to open attachments. Why? It's trying to "protect" you from potential viruses that are attached to email.

Once you reset it to a lower level, you'll be able to open your attachments.

To change your security settings:

1. Open the Options window by selecting Tools -> Options
2. Click on the Security tab.
3. Set your security level lower, then click OK until the windows are closed.

You should be able to open all the attachments you couldn't open before.

Thanks for asking.


IMPORTANT NOTES on AskDavidLawrence.com:

You're paying for my time outside of broadcast hours. Each question is US$97.00 or the equivalent in pounds sterling or euros. I answer questions as soon as I receive them via email, and only reply via email. Ask more than one and I'll only answer the first one, and let you know that you have more than one question involved. Price subject to change. Not all questions may have valid, single, or known answers, and that may be the answer I give you. Use my advice and answers solely at your own risk. I am not responsible for your actions. Absolutely no refunds.

Raves and Kudos about AskDavidLawrence.com


I really appreciate you responding to me...your answer was dead on. I had talked to tech support at [company name deleted] three times, two of them for twice as much as your fee, and at no time did they suggest the possibility you came up with in the first sentence.

Your fan, Johnathan


Your response left me scratching my head, and asking myself "Why didn't I think of that???" And you don't charge enough - you saved me hours of downtime, and that's worth 5 times your fee. Thank you thank you thank you.

Maggie Dugan


I tried all the things you suggested, and none of them worked, until the last one. Trashing my preference file did the trick. I think that anyone that is stuck, or busy, or is frantic, or just wants a different perspective on how things might work ought to tap you out a quick question. Thanks again!

Rock on.

Roger in Pawtucket


Do you sell 5 packs of your AskDavidLawrence service? I'd hand them to my IT department in case they get mesmerized by their own intelligence, at the expense of our productivity.

Giselle Graciela


I doubt most people ask you the type of question I asked you, but your words of inspiration were really important to me, and were absolutely correct - I *did* need to stop worrying about things that haven't happened yet, and just relax and do the best I could. And guess what? I did just great. Thanks soooo much.

Jean (just Jean)

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To repeat: You can always call in to the show at the number listed above, or send David email using the link above.