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From the bassist on the left to the keyboard player on the right? About 30 feet.

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Two related meanings: you may have heard the phrase "I don't have enough bandwidth to deal with this right now" or "How much bandwidth is that file going to take to transfer?" In either case, it stands for the width of something: your attention span, in the former case, or the amount of data that can be transmitted per second (or any other unit of time) over a particular connection.

Bill Gates is said to have tremendous personal bandwidth, as he is able to juggle several weighty and intellectual pursuits at once. Network bandwidth can vary from as little as 14.4 modems (or less), allowing a megabyte to be transferred every hour, to faster modems (28.8 and 56K) to ISDN to cable to T1 to a huge OC-48 connection, used between major Internet providers, that can grab a megabyte's worth of data and get it from point A to point be in less than the blink of an eye.

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