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Do I need separate installs of Movable Type for multiple blogs?

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I'm listening to your podcast in my car, and I have a couple of questions about blogging.

I'm looking to get Movable Type installed on my server (I hear you talking about it all the time, and if you use it, then I'm sure it will work for me, too!), and I want to do more than one blog, some for myself and some for my clients.

First off, do I go with the free version until I have a need for the pro version? Second, do I need a different install for each blog, or will Movable Type handle separate blogs?


Fremont, CA


Movable Type, from Six Apart, is my go-to blogging system. I've been using it from the very beginning, when Ben and Mena Trott were on my radio show and I set the original business pricing.

At the time, they were asking for donations of $20, and I said on the air that it's worth a lot more to me than that...how about $150? And there it was, their business price.

To answer your first question, yes, you can use the free personal version for your own personal, non-commercial blogs. They don't have a problem with Google AdSense ads or Amazon "buy" graphics - Six Apart knows that most individuals don't make very much money on those things when their traffic is at a low, "personal" level.

Obviously, if you start putting up blogs for customers and they are paying you to manage and host their corporate blogs, that takes you into the world of the Commercial licensed version, and you would then upgrade the install you already have to that Commercial level. It's all the same software, it's just licensed differently for different uses.

And don't forget: your Movable Type choices don't end at personal pr commercial: they also have very attractive pricing for non-profit organizations and for educational use, so check out all the options here:

One thing you'll notice is that all four of their pricing tabs offer different levels of usage, and that leads to the answer to your second question.

Read on... (more ahead)

Once you install Movable Type, you can create as many blogs with it as you want, up to the limit of the server space and performance your server has. Now, although you don't need to worry so much about how many blogs you create, you do have to decide how many people will have access to create and manage the blogs and license your install accordingly.

So, bottom line, it's the number of users, not the number of blogs, that changes the pricing on Movable Type.

So, my advice is to start off with the free version, install it and master it, learning everything about it, including RSS feeds for your entries and podcasts, how to design MT templates, how to use plug-ins and more.

Then, once you start doing blogs for others, jump up to the pro version. If you need more than 5 users to be able to author and edit your blog, you'll be upgrading to the $299.95 level of licensing.

One thing to consider: any blogs you do for others will reside on your server, not theirs, and you'll have to work with their server people to redirect a subdomain to your server, like blog.customerdomainname.com, pointing to www.sophiesdomain.com/mt/customername. It's not a big deal, but if you don't do that, your customers' blog readers will be going to your domain to read your customers' blogs. Not a great solution for your customer.

Thanks for listening, and for asking!

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