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Extended Dead HD Silence

Saturday, July 12, 2008: Everything tech: your calls, comments, instant messages and emails about technology and pop culture...it's Online Tonight with David Lawrence for a Saturday.

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Tonight's notes: (?)

7pm PT:

Hour 1's calls and emails, including exactly how to use blogging systems like Movable Type, TypePad, WordPress and Blogger to create posts and publish posts that contain rich media, like podcast episodes. We even look at how to name your files based on the date, like I do with the Personal Netcast and with David Lawrence Unplugged, to keep the files straight on both your drive and on your subscribers' drives.

8pm PT:

Hour 2's calls and emails, including an interview with Leo Sears, the director of the Big Island Film Festival, which has graciously invited us to screen My Name Is Wallace. We look at how the Net has changed the festival circuit and how their festival (much of which is held outdoors) uses technology to do everything from select the films, communicate with the filmmakers and the audience and even show the films. We also look at backup strategies, RAID arrays, and what a FireWire port is.

9pm PT:

Hour 3's calls and emails, including clarifications on what constitutes piracy - what has to happen for the line to be crossed and intellectual property rights be violated. We also use Google to find out what's wrong when you're trying to install Knoppix on a Windows box, and you get the dreaded Can't Access TTY error, as well how to tell what port on your machine is the FireWire port, and if it exists.

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