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Google's big-ness, tech addiction and SoundExchange

Saturday, August 4, 2007: Everything tech: PC World Magazine's Dennis O'Reilly, Hanala Stadner, SoundExchange's John Simson, your calls, comments, instant messages and emails about technology and pop culture...it's Online Tonight with David Lawrence for a Saturday.

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7pm PT:

Dennis O'Reilly, PC World senior associate and author of the article Is Google Too Big, joins us live from San Francisco to look at the size of Google, whether your business' proprietary information would be at risk in an unencrypted environment, and whether any company, let alone Google, has any fighting chance to keep data safe at that massive size.

8pm PT:

Hanala Stadner, celebrity addictions expert and author of My Parents Went Through the Holocaust and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt,, joins us live in-studio to look at the Hollywood celebrity circuit where addiction has become a prevalent headline. Quick witted, exceptionally funny while poignant in her outlook on substance abuse and recovery, Hanala dispels the myths and speculation to uncover the real why behind substance abuse. Speaking from her personal experiences of overcoming addictions within the Hollywood bubble, Hanala reveals the cause and effect reasons that spur addictive behavior. We look at the technology side of this - the instant gratification of the web, 24/7 news networks and more.

9pm PT:

John Simson, Executive Director of SoundExchange, joins us live from Washington DC to look at the ongoing strife between the RIAA and small webcasters in the area of music licensing. We look at the CRB ruling and SoundExchange's current offer to hold off on higher fees for a few more years.

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