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I got a call the other night from a listener, who wanted to know, and I quote:

"Why does everybody hate the Israelis so much?"

I went through the litany of reasons both sides in the Arab-Jew conflict hate each other, and how things are hardly going to get solved quickly or easily given how long things have gone on, and then went on to explain why Hezbollah is as militant as it is. The gist of my rant was on righteous religious indignation, and how such an approach to life is as destructive as it gets.

Both sides have been sticking to their guns so ferociously that diplomacy is almost laughable, and all attempts have failed. The occasional glimpse of hope is quickly snuffed out by those extremists whose position of power demands constant conflict and fear amongst its constituency.

Hezbollah is organized as such a terror unit, and the fact that the elections in Lebanon lead some to believe that Hezbollah is now a morally legitimate organization is equivalent to saying that a Lebanese terrorist gang got one of its own elected into office - that neither legitimizes their continued existence, nor does it mean they will be any more likely to work for peace.

I'm afraid it means that Hezbollah now feels more emboldened to do what they did: attack Israel out of righteous religious indignation. Let's hope Israel is extremely effective in wiping the members of Hezbollah off the face of the earth.

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