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hot spot

Just wear an oven mitt.

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A hot spot is an area of a graphic or page where you can make something happen by clicking on that area. The rest of the page doesn't do that. As an example, if your company has offices in New York, Chicago, DC and San Francisco (but not in any other city), you could create a web page with a map of the United States with New York, Illinois, DC and California darkened and the rest white. Then, set your web page to only react when visitors mouse over those states, maybe bringing up the location of those offices when you click on those hot spots.

The term 'hot spot' is also used in the world of Wi-Fi; it's used to describe a location that has wireless Internet access available. Examples of hot spots are your local Starbucks, Barnes and Noble's, McDonald's, the library, some parks and recreation centers, most university buildings and public gathering places. Some are free, and some cost money. You can find out how to easily locate Wi-Fi hot spots, as well as a very easy to read tutorial on going wireless with your Mac or Windows laptop. Just give our 10 Quick Steps to Making a Perfect Wi-Fi Connection a try.

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