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How can I get my plug-ins to work with the Intel-compatible version of ProTools?

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I know you swear by ProTools, but what's up with the plug-ins for 7.1.1? I'm tearing my hair out here, and I can't stand waiting on hold for Digidesign's tech support.

Here's the deal: I upgraded to the new version ProTools for my new MacBook Pro, and I used the Migration thingy to transfer all my apps and files over.

Big mistake.

ProTools didn't work at all. A guy I work with told me to upgrade to the Intel compatible version of ProTools 7, which I did, and it launched and all, but none of my plug ins work.

I'm really desperate dude. Help me out. I use ProTools LE and an MBOX if that's any help.

Nick in Davenport, listening on Sirius 102


OK...take a deep breath. Breathe out. And in. And out.

I've got your answer.

You're absolutely correct. The first Intel compatible version of ProTools is 7.1.1. Frankly, I'm bowled over that Digidesign got it out as quickly as they did...ProTools is notorious for being behind on MacOS updates and upgrades.

So...once you get the update to 7.1.1, which is free from 6.9, and $75 if you're upgrading from some level of ProTools 6 below 6.9 (which I was - I was on Panther, running 6.4), you're not out of the woods yet. You have to also upgrade the plug-ins, those little drop in applets that let you do very creative things with your ProTools project.

It's actually very simple to do.

Read on... (more ahead)

You can do all the plug-in upgrading right on the Digidesign website.

First, head to Digidesign's website, then click on the Support menu item. It's the third from the left of the top menu bar. Then, click on the first diagonal menu item that appears, Product Support. For you, since you use an MBOX with LE, go to that first area for LE, and choose ProTools LE 7.1.1 for the Intel Mac from the drop down menu.

Once you get to that screen, click on the Downloads link next to Compatibility, just under the main graphic on the screen.

Honest, we're almost there.

Then, you'll be presented with a series of download options. Choose
Optional Digidesign & Digi-distributed Plug-Ins for Intel-based Macs, and then, just to make a bit more difficult, choose More from the summary that appears.

And finally, you'll have a list of Digidesign Intel-compatible plug-ins to download. I had to download DFi, as I use VariFi to create the tape speedups and slowdowns in the samples of music in my countdown show, The Net Music Countdown.

If you don't want to go through all that, or you've gotten hopelessly lost, here's a link to get you right to the Digidesign-distributed LE Intel-compatible plug in download page:

For other companies who make ProTools plug-ins, and for different versions of ProTools that might need upgrading, use a similar approch.

Thanks for listening, and for asking!

Comments? Questions of your own?

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