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How can I record off the radio onto my iPod?

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Is there any way to record through a radio's line out onto a ipod. I haven't got a ipod yet but would like to know. Another thing I really like Saints Row. Thank you in advance.



With a third party device, yes. and only on the most expensive iPods made. And here's a bonus: this will actually work for any audio source with a mini headphone jack: radio, CD player, cassette Walkman, you name it.

You'd think with all the great things the iPod can do - audio, video, podcasting, films, TV shows and the like - that a simple recording function would be a no brainer.

Actually, you've been able to record with the iPod for a long time. Using an external microphone, you could record lectures, notes and conferences - voice sessions, if you will - but at fidelity considered adequate for voice but not at all adequate for music or complex sound like your radio.

Apple's concern was that you might use their baby to pirate if the recording was too good.

Well, they've finally relented, and the new iPods record in full CD quality. You just have to figure out how to connect your source (in your case, the line out on your radio) to the iPod.

Our friends Griffin Technology to the rescue.

Consider the Griffin iTalk Pro for the video iPod - it records in full fidelity, and you can plug in an external stereo source:

It will be available soon.

You might also consider its competitor, which happens to be available right now.

Read on... (more ahead)

Belkin has a product they call the TuneTalk. The Griffin and Belkin offerings are almost clones of each other.

And yes, both require fifth generation video iPods. No other iPods will record with full fidelity.

There's one more think you'll need, and that's a mini (1/8 inch or 3.5 millimeter) male-to-male stereo cable, to connect your source to the iPod. You can pick one up at any Radio Shack (spend the extra few dollars and get their gold plated version), or you can find it here, also from Belkin:

It looks in the picture like there's only one end, but that's not the case - it's the same plug on both ends, and it's a really high quality cable.

Thanks for listening and for asking!

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