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How can I see the same Buddy on two different AOL Buddy lists?

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I have AOL instant messenger with two screen names. Some people, who I know are on line, show up under only one name. How can I get them on both.




I wish I had a more satisfying answer for you, but I'm afraid the only solution to this one is a brute force method: enter the buddy's screen name in both buddy lists.

Both AOL and AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) maintain your buddy lists on their central servers. And for consistency's sake, the buddy lists are exactly the same no matter how you log on to send instant messages to your friends.

That means that if you sign on with the AOL service, or with AIM, or with ICQ (another messaging service also owned by AOL), or even Apple's iChat (which licensed their way into AOL's heart), your buddy list will be exactly the same.

That's great, because all your buddies are available to you whenever and wherever you log on.

But what if, like Bob, you have more than one screen name? Most people do. In that case, you simply have to stay current.

Read on... (more ahead)

There is no solution that I'm aware of that will merge two buddy lists on the fly. And I don't know of any solution that will show the buddy list of another screen name, without logging out of your current screen name and onto the other.

I did read in June of 2005 that AOL was working with a site called Plaxo to allow their users to use the Plaxo public directory service to synchronize their contact lists in Outlook and other desktop personal information managers with their AOL buddy lists, but I never saw anything more than the announcement.

Maybe someday, AOL will have an option to synchronize their buddy lists across multiple screen names, but for now, you just simply have to enter it into both lists.

Again, I wish I had a better solution.

Thanks for listening and for asking!

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