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iPodPedia, Yoo and Everett-Church

Tuesday, May 22, 2007: iPodPedia's Michael Miller, Richard Yoo, tech gazillionaire and PrivacyClue.com's Ray Everett-Church, plus calls, instant messages and emails about pop culture, the day's news and a smattering of technology...it's The David Lawrence Show for a Tuesday.

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7pm PT:

Michael Miller, author of iPodPedia, jois us live from Indianapolis to look at his exhaustive guide to the most popular portable audio devices on the market, as well as how the iPod and its companion software, iTunes. We look at the history of the device through all five generations of the iPod, from the first model in 2001, with a 5 gig and 10 gig model at around the same price as today, through the new versions that are only $79 for the new Shuffle. He's also got a great blog that you can visit for updates to the book.

8pm PT:

Richard Yoo, former CTO and founder of Rackspace Managed Hosting, joins us live from Houston to look at the day's news, including the creator of the Electric Slide agreeing to call off his online video takedown campaign - he was concerned that people weren't doing it right, and has relented. In fact, he's making the dance available for non-commercial use for anyone who wants to use it. The EFF must be so proud to have sued Richard Silver into submission.

9pm PT:

Ray Everett-Church, Chief Privacy Officer and Senior Consultant of PrivacyClue.com, joins us live from San Francisco to look at the day's news, including a panel looking into the Virginia Tech shootings going private for a few hours while deliberating, a couple awakened, sleeping in the nude, taking their case to court as well as Lanny Davis, the lone Democrat on the White House privacy panel, quitting his position in utter disgust over its decay and lack of independence. We also get an update on Agloco and its Viewbar's scheduled release.

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