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MPAA | Jack Valenti Will anyone listen to eloquent moral reasoning?

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The grand old man of the film industry's relationship with the government and the law is Jack Valenti. Beginning with what is arguably the best example of an industry policing itself (so the government doesn't) through its ratings system, and for 40 years thereafter, Valenti has been relentless in his efforts to champion the political and litigious causes of Hollywood.

His recent speech (2/24/03) at Duke University is worth reading, if only for a fleeting moment, to hear the words in positions that only a true orator could pull off. His prose is deep, his hyperbole minimal, and his plea is eloquent: do what is morally upstanding, and give the industry a chance to adjust to changing technology.

Note to pirates: you as consumers tend to be selfish when you force an industry, through technology, to submit to your will. Selfish to the point of possible destruction of a cherished feature of society when you demand that an entire industry bow to the ransom notes that begin on a daily basis, "http-colon-slash-slash-e-donkey-dot-com." Read the words of an old man, and think for a moment before hitting that enter key to send the note. You might be holding an industry underwater - you did it to the web by blocking ads (who really needs Salon anyway, right?, and you're in danger of doing it to music and movies.

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