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Mazingo Delivers Rich Media, Money

NMC/Radio and Records eChart main column as published in the 2/15/02 issue of R&R Handheld devices, especially PocketPC 2002 devices like the Compaq iPaq and the H-P Jornada, are about to start making some noise.

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The ability to synch up your handheld with your e-mail, your contact and to-do list, your calendar and even your draft Word and Excel documents have been joined by a new service called Mazingo, bringing the latest news to your handheld. You just pop your PDA into its cradle, letting it not only recharge its batteries, but also grab the latest headlines, stories, columns and now, audio and video and place them at your fingertips.

Getting new information via synching is nothing new; AvantGo has had the market virtually to themselves for a few years now. What is new is the ability to hear and see as well as read new material. In addition to the latest Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY or New York Times headlines (as well as your local newspaper, if they want to play the handheld game - anyone is welcome to create a channel on Mazingo), you could conceivably get the latest audio and video reports from CNN, ABC, MTV, The Discovery Channel or anyone else who wants to provide material. The reason? More RAM - new PDAs are shipping with 64 to 128 megs of RAM, not the measly 2 to 8 that have been the norm in the past.

We're launching a set of channels on Mazingo as well, creating not only Pop, Adult and Alt channels for the Net Music Countdown's vast base of daily articles, but you'll actually be able to hear previews, short form pieces as well as the new shows every week in remarkably great sounding Windows Media, right on your PocketPC. We'll eventually be customizing the channel for our affiliates as well, as part of their content package.

Your station can jump right in, and make money at it, too - offering a channel is as easy as designing for the small screen (a bit of a challenge, but nothing your web designer can't handle), and creating a package of content that your listeners can grab and go - headlines from your news department that drive listeners to get the full story by tuning in, promos by your morning team that promote guests on that morning, or services like weather, sports wraps and more - all in audio. And you make money because Mazingo is a pay service: $14.95 a month for all your listeners can eat, and you get a slice of that based on how many subscribers you have.

It doesn't have to be new work from your talent either - a channel could be as simple as repurposing that :60 promo that your drive talent produce for airing anyway - pushing those out to your listeners with a bit of text on what's ahead on the next show will pull them right back to your station.

Get details at http://www.mazingo.com.

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