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Wired News: Netherlands No Hacker Haven When a country gains a reputation as a haven for crime, how do we find the truth?

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A "PT Barnum"-like PR person is blamed for the impression that the Netherlands is safe haven for hackers, crackers and file pirates. So what happens when the truth comes to light, that the Netherlands is hardly a place where criminals run free, and that prosecution of intellectual property theft is just as aggressive as it is here in the US?

Is the damage already done? Will people who call my radio show parrot back to me things like, "The RIAA can't do anything about Dutch P2P, dude!"?

It's already happening. And it's a bit harder to contain the rumors than spread the truth: file pirates will continue to ignore the facts and state misinformation over and over to bolster their case, but even people who want to live by and respect the rule of law, who are presented with the real story, may find themselves enchanted by the drama of the rumor, and despite knowing the truth, drop the falsity in conversation just because it's sexier.

Read the article - then remember the truth.

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