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Reverse Engineering, non-violent activities and Become.com

Thursday, May 4, 2006: The Reverse Engineers's Dan Cote and his brothers, Steve York of A Force More Powerful and Become.com's Jon Glick, plus calls, instant messages and emails about pop culture, the day's news and a smattering of technology...it's The David Lawrence Show for a Thursday.

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Tonight's notes: (?)

7pm PT:

Dan Cote, one of the three members of The Reverse Engineers, joins us live, taking up three of our live phone lines, to discuss writing and performing as geeks, the new album, Max Q, his brother's sleep problems, what's happened since Cyberday 1.0 and more.

8pm PT:

Steve York, filmmaker and creator of the computer game A Force More Powerful, joins us live to discuss the use of non-violent strategies to achieve political, economic and social goals, and the game he's designed to illustrate and train people in non-violent techniques.

9pm PT:

Jon Glick, head dude of Become.com, joins us live from the San Francisco Bay area to look at another form of searching on the net - this time for purchasing things online, with your searches getting more specific as you type your search phrase.

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