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Linux firewalls, iPaqs as control points in a home and more plus your calls, comments, instant messages and emails about technology and pop culture...it's Online Tonight with David Lawrence for a Saturday. Random moment: (how we do that)

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Options for firewalls in linux (we mentioned ipfilter and Packet Filter), access point coverage in larger homes and buildings, replacing the help app in MacOS, evaluating upgrading an old Win 98 machine versus purchasing a new machine, ProTools not compatible with the new G5 and more.

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We find BookmarkBuddy for a caller wanting more control over his IE bookmark organization, how to stop popup ads (we give strategies including turning off Messenger, using a router, firewall and avoiding p2p networks, and also recommend our 10 Quick Steps to Stopping PopUp Ads), understanding joejobs and more.

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Whether or not to see The Terminal, problems with Outlook, MSN and Comcast mail issues, naming files on a batch basis on Macintosh (we recommend File Buddy), how to find missing DLLs, quarantine versus deletion, my thoughts on Anonymizer and more.

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