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Suspect Zero-Wait State

Everything tech: your calls, comments, instant messages and emails about technology and pop culture...it's Online Tonight with David Lawrence for a Saturday. Random moment: (how we do that)

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We follow the technology of the phone system in Florida, why VoIP isn't necessarily better, why so many applications are breaking under Windows XP Service Pack 2, how to take 17 years of VHS tapes and convert them to DVD, why Outlook Express doesn't work after a backup/restore and more.

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What to do about backtracking to the scriptkiddies who are trying to hack into your computer, the best software for performing as a DJ in nightclubs, what anti-virus software is available for PocketPC, how to purchase a new computer for general purpose use and more.

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Making the switch from on operating system to another for the right (and wrong) reasons, two brand new machines whose cursors jump all over the place, using Retrospect on more than one networked drive and more.

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