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Top searches, log analysis Sim-style and Rob bikes on

Dean Tsouvalas, Robert Savage and Rob Gaughan, plus calls, instant messages and emails about pop culture, the day's news and a smattering of technology...it's The David Lawrence Show for a Thursday. Random moment: (how we do that)

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Dean Tsouvalas, Head of Content for Lycos and the editor of Lycos Top 50 Searches, joins us live from Boston to look at the hottest searches online: the death of Ronald Reagan, why Clay Aiken is suddenly at number 1, as well as the Harry Potter movie, why Severina Vuckovic cracked the top 10, why my Lindsay Lohan has been demoted to #14, poker, the Bible and more.

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Robert Savage, Mayor of Visitorville, joins us live from West Virginia to look at web traffic, why you should know what people are doing on your website, and why traffic doesn't have to look like a text file - why gaming can make log analysis more real - and fun.

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Rob Gaughan, comedian, improv artist and host of Improv Olympic West, joins us via cell phone somewhere between San Francisco and LA - he's biking to cure AIDS - you can contribute over there on the right. We also look at today's news - 2nd grade substitute teachers surfing porn in the classroom, a film I'm doing ADR for, and what the sister Dodge was to the Chrysler Cordoba (do you know?).

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