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As opposed to whorechalking, which is a whole different set of marks on the sidewalk.

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With 802.11b (and a and g and whatever) broadband wireless networks popping up everywhere, and their reach being anywhere between 150 and 300 feet, there are lots of people who want to saunter onto your sidewalk and jump onto your network for a free ride. Rather than running around looking for a convenient place every time to do this punking, the art of warchalking takes the form of the old hobo sidewalk markings that would tell drifters where to find food, shelter, or where unfriendly locals might reside.

Warchalking marks the spot on the sidewalk or building wall where you can find an open wireless node to glom on to - but be aware that only Covad allows this to happen. Other broadband providers frown on it - after all, you're violating the spirit of their contract with the homeowner on whose bandwidth you're surfing.

Get the whole skinny at http://www.blackbeltjones.com/warchalking/.

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