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What do the commands cd and mkdir mean in UNIX?

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I attempted my first UNIX install recently, and simply followed the instructions to the letter.

The problem is, I didn't really learn what the commnds were, I just typed them in like some drone to get the job done.

For example, what does "cd" and "mkdir" mean. That last one looks like a Middle Eastern nickname.

Love ya!

Jared on XM


UNIX, as you know, is not usually an operating system that uses a graphical interface (they exist, but most prefer the traditional approach). No menus, no icons, no windows to speak of. But long before there was the graphical interface, there was the command line interface.

And oddly enough, anything that a graphical interface can do, a command line interface and the commands you have at your disposal, have been doing for decades.

Take your cd command for example.

Read on... (more ahead)

That just is UNIX shorthand for change directory, something we do in Windows or MacOS when we click on a different folder, or navigate via drop down menu in an open or save dialog box.

Of course, simply typing cd isn't enough...you have to tell it which directory to change to, and that's where the rest of the command comes in, like

cd /web/htdocs

All that means is, change the directory to let me start working with whatever's in the folder called htdocs, which is inside the directory web, which is at the root of the hard drive.

The second command you asked about, mkdir, is the UNIX command for creating a new directory (folder, if you will), as in make a directory.

It's the same thing as the "new folder" menu item in MacOS or Windows.

Good luck, and if you want a terrific book to get you started in learning more about UNIX commands and how they work, try this one from my good friend Dave Taylor. If you've got a Macintosh, you can learn UNIX right on your machine:

Actually, you don't need a Macintosh - once you get a Terminal window open on your UNIX box, everything's the same!

Thanks for listening, and for asking!

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