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Where are you heard on XM and Sirius?

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You've moved around a lot on both XM and Sirius satellite radio. Can you tell me where I can find you? I used to listen to you when you were on 24 hours a day on what was the old CNET technology channel 130 on XM - and my wife loves Howard Stern so we got her a Sirius radio. Where can I find you now on both satellite services?

-- Derek


We've had some changes recently as to where we appear on satellite radio.

After being on Sirius since they launched the service, they were not able to reach a consensus on us staying with them.

On XM, we're heard on Open Road, Channel 171, and we're on from 9p to 12 midnight PT every night of the week - tape delayed by two hours from the live feed at 7p.

Read on... (more ahead)

We'll keep you posted here on where to find us and on any changes in the future.

Canadian listeners can find us on the exact same channel on XM Canada - legally!

And don't forget, we're heard on terrestrial AM stations across the country as well. Check your local listings for nights and times we air, and if you have a favorite local talk station you'd like to hear the show on, let the program director of the station know. Just send them my email address, david@onlinetonight.com, and we'll help them get us on their station.

Thanks for asking!

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